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Experts in Value Engineering, delivering cost savings that maximize our clients' bottom line. Our highly skilled engineering teams and deep supply chain experience enable us to provide top quality solutions.

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R5 optimizes your portfolio while delivering a 3X return on your investment.

Should Cost

We identify cost gaps based on ideal scenarios to validate pricing and strengthen your supply chain. These data points give you the tools necessary to adequately negotiate with suppliers and ensure you receive the best cost.

Idea Generation

Ideas are created after a complete product teardown and evaluation These alternative solutions optimize the overall design of the product, retaining the core functionality and bringing down cost.


Understand and beat the competition through our competitor BOM construction. Features and cost structure can then be directly compared to your products.

Idea Conversion

R5 works with your teams to analyze, review and vet all Value Engineering ideas generated. All ideas are ranked against complexity and financial metrics, with the top ideas are converted into programs.

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